Why you cant look past Promotional Marketing

November 15, 2018



You can’t smell a radio ad, hear a billboard, or taste an infomercial.

Unlike other promotional tactics, promotional merchandising is the only format that has the potential to hit all 5 senses.

While we may be in the digital age, we’re also in a time where our customers are more experience-seeking than ever. Promotional products should be a physical celebration of your brand, turning your message into something people can see, touch, hear, taste and ultimately remember. You can do anything from a spot prize at an event, to giving a customised gift to your staff or creating a collector’s item as an exclusive perk for people in your membership program.

There are no limitations on creativity

Promotional products are completely customisable and present a huge opportunity to be inventive and stand out from the crowd. While classics like branded USB’s and promotional pens are tried and tested, don’t be afraid to explore new forms of merchandising.

Why be boring when you can be original? Mix it up. Unique promotional products have been a key element in building many great brands; thing the toy in the cereal boxes of your childhood or the sought-after seedlings in New World’s Little Garden.

Get something bespoke that reflects your unique brand and what you’re trying to achieve.

It’s not short lived

Done well, promotional merchandise can make a lasting impression. Effective promotional branding gets seen over and over – a simple pen can be a nonintrusive reminder of your company while a branded coffee mug can make you part of the best time of the work-day, coffee time!

The icebreaker effect

If you are giving away interesting or appealing merchandise, people are more likely to stop and talk to you. This is ideal when you want to stand out at events, trade shows, careers fairs or product launches. Never forget, free is one of the most powerful words known to man.

It’s not boring

In contrast to traditional formats, such as radio and tv, promotional marketing is seen as a more creative way to communicate with your audience. Sticking with played-out methods of advertising will give you stale results. While radio and television risk wasted budget on irrelevant exposure, promotional merchandising is customisable and highly targeted.

It builds brands

Never underestimate promotional merchandising as a catalyst for meaningful, long-term relationships with your clients, fans, or customers. Aim to deliver something that will foster a long-term connection. This creates a sustainable customer base of people that believe in and grow to love your brand.