5 Products Hospo cant ignore!

November 9, 2018

As in any business, a strong marketing startegy is essential to building brand value, maintainling loyalty and attracting new customers. The hospotality indutry is uniquely placed where it offers a multi sensory experience for its customers. The very act of eating is both socially and emotionally satisfying and marketing to your customers through effective and creative promtoional products can great an impactful and lasting memory for your audience.

Because the hospotality industry by nature is constantly evolving and changing with staff, seasons, and new menu’s having a string brand identity is imperative. Marketers want to ensure brand recognistion is strong so that customers will return again and again and referr their business on. Subtle product placement is known to be a successful way of building a strog brand identity with subiminal messages reinforcing the companies brand, messages and name.

Here are our top pics for those in the Hospotality industry!

1 – Aprons

Having a beautifully ebroidered logo is a highly effective way and subtle reminder of a company logo. With staff constatly walking around a restarant or café, it is impossible for your customers to not be taking in the logo helping to build a strong recognisition of your brand.


2 – Apparel

There is nothing nicer than walking itno a restaurant and seeing staff representing the brand in a beautiful uniform. Gone are the days of box tee shirts and ill fitting shirts. Having a contemporay tee shirt or tailored shirt speak volumes for your brand!


3 – Bar accessories

Rather than using bog standard bar accessories, create hype within your staff and provide branded accessories. By doing this you create a sense of pride for the brand. It also offers another opportunity for subtle messaging when opening that beer for your customer with a branded opener, or decanteering that red wine in a elegeantly branded bottle opener.

Bar accessories2

4 – Blankets

If you have an outdoor area for your customer then this should be your number 1 priority. There is ntohing worse than sitting outside when the sun in setting and feeling cold! Having a lush blanket to offer clients for comfort will leave a lasting impression and enhance their experience.


5 – Takeaway Coffee Cups

Did you know we guzzle our way through 295 million cups of takeaway coffee a year. Most of which cannot be recycled and end up in landfill! The need to promote a more sustainable way of living is evident and being concious in your café or restaurats use of reusable coffee cups is a great place to start. There is an enormous range available now days so there is no excuse not to have these available for purchase!

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